History of our development

History of Our Development

Guangdong Euro Asian packaging is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in the production of aluminum aerosol cans. Some of our staff are among the first batch of managers and technological researchers working within the aluminum aerosol cans industry. These staff members are experienced in undertaking research and development roles within the aluminum aerosol can industry. In recent years, our company has succeeded in the development of "monolithic aluminum beer bottles", which can be used in beer, wine and drinks. In the development process, we have applied for dozens of invention and application patents. We believe that this technology filled a gap within the domestic market, and we have successfully produced samples that have won recognition from beer and beverage manufacturers from around the world. We strongly believe that we are capable of dominating the industry.

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    A number of authorized or processed patents has exceeded one hundred

    The monobloc aluminum cans (bottles) was recognized as Guangdong Provincial innovative technological products.

    The Monobloc aluminum Cans (Bottles) Packaging Technology Research and Development Center (in Zhongshan) and Guangdong Provincial aluminum Packaging Container (Euro Asia packaging) Project Technology Research Center were Approved to set up

    In 2013, the Company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board in the red-chip mode, the stock name of "China aluminum cans", stock code: 6898. HK

    the patent of invention“ Deform-able aluminum packaging can” and its patented specific die were awarded Golden Medal of Zhongshan City

    Approved to set up the “Production Base of the aluminum cans(bottles) Packaging ”

    Approved to be the Guangdong Provincial enterprise technology center

    EAP won the famous trademarks of Guangdong Province

    The production of aerosol cans ranked second in Asia

    The new fully automated aluminum aerosol cans production line introduced from Europe has been applied to production successfully. We led the way to adopt the international forefront 9-color printing technology.

    Being identified as "the National ". Passed the review again and was identified as "National Innovative Technology Enterprise" in 2011

    The market share of aluminum aerosol cans ranked first in China, and still leads the way till now

    Euro Asian Packing (in Zhongshan) co., LTD. Was established, acquiring the Aluminum Aerosol Cans Business from Cebal Zhongshan co., LTD In Zhongshan