Enterprise Responsibilitie

China aluminum Cans Limited Company pays attention to the fulfillment of its enterprise responsibilities,adhering closely to social practices and responsibilities. We follow moral and commercial standards to the highest level, focusing on the challenges which our clients wish to overcome and providing competitive solutions to them. In this way, we aim to have a positive impact on the world.


Environmental Protection

We strive to protect the environment and alleviate the pressure on natural resources. We actively push forward material conservation and pollution reduction. Our‘Deform-able aluminum packaging can’ patented technology not only ensures functionality but also significantly reduces the consumption of aluminum.Meanwhile,we actively implement clean production strategies, and work hard in the development of low-residual,benzene-free coating, forging high quality packaging that is friendly to the environment.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property protection is the basis of trust between China aluminum Cans and its clients around the world. Intellectual property is an intangible form of property right that requires a lot of effort to create, but at the same time vulnerable to infringement. We have set out strict policies to protect intellectual property and we value knowledge and talents as much as we respect the fruits of labor and creation. We also encourage the innovation of technology and are determined to protect and defend the lawful rights of intellectual property.

Staff benefits and welfare

At China aluminum Limited Company, staff is our most treasured asset and is what propels our company’s continuous development and innovation. Protecting the welfare of our staff and allowing them to fully express their potential has therefore become one of our company’s top priority. In view of this, our company has set out consummate policies and strategies, hoping to create the best possible workplace for our employees -- ‘passionate with work, happy with life, grow and develop at China aluminum Limited Company ’has now become our company’s slogan.


Social Responsibilities

Social responsibilities are highly valued and strictly implemented at China aluminum Limited Company. We have organized various fund-raising events for charity and have provided caring assistance to staff members who are under financial difficulties or are experiencing familial problems. As a member of this rapidly changing world, we will continue our outstanding track record in satisfying the needs of our society, and persist in having a positive impact on our society. We hope to contribute relentlessly to the promotion and improvement of human health.