Campus Recruitment-- Stepping into Guangdong Polytechnic College

September 29, 2014 From:China Cans Clicks:3869 Share to

on the morning of 29th ,September 2014 , a campus recruitment talk was held in Guangdong Polytechnic College. Colleagues of the human resources department, engineering department, and production department went there as well.


Majors like mechanical and automation engineering meet job vacancies of our company of, so more than one hundred students of those majors gathered in the meeting with our colleagues. After a wonderful interactive activity, the students showed great interest. They raise questions in succession, and representatives from our company gave detailed answers one by one.  

In view of the great enthusiasm of the students to join our company, school authorities and our company were also considering a visit and further study for the students to our company.  

The recruitment talk won great support from professor Wang Yang Bai Jie and Doctor Wu Lihua from the Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department of Guangdong Polytechnic College.

Event photos: